What is Bathrobe? Know about their Types, Uses and Where to Buy Robes & More?


Your life can be a constant struggle to and from work, unending deadlines, meetings, parties, with limited time for self-care. However, even if you can't physically get away from these responsibilities, you can give yourself time to relax with the right wardrobe and proper care. One of the things you can add to your wardrobe to relax at the end of a long day is a bathrobe. Although a towel can do the trick, the use of a bathrobe makes it a versatile clothing item. When you wrap a bathrobe around you after a shower, you feel a level of comfort that is rare to achieve. You can even slip on a bathrobe after a long day to relax and lounge in your home. According to many, bathrobes are the second greatest piece of garment after pajamas that people like to wear in their homes. 

From the materials and fabrics used to the types of robes, from its style to warmth, from convenience to absorbency limit, there are a lot of variables that come into play when choosing a bathrobe. If you are planning to buy a bathrobe and are wondering where to buy bathrobes, you need to do your research first because there are a lot of variables you need to consider to get the perfect bathrobe. However, you should choose a bathrobe that is relaxing, comforting, and light on your skin. There are unisex bathrobes, bathrobe for women and men as well, each bathrobe has its own specialties and benefits. If you are planning to buy a bathrobe, use this blog as a guide to help you understand more about them and aid you in choosing the perfect bathrobe.

What is a Bathrobe and Why Should You Have One in Your Wardrobe

If you are wondering what a bathrobe is, it is basically a loosely fitted dressing gown that you can wear above your clothes as outerwear or wear after a bath. The purpose of a bathrobe is to keep you covered up discreetly while offering you comfort and luxury unlike any other garment. The use of a bathrobe includes enveloping your body from your neck to knees, offering unparalleled satisfaction, warmth, and comfort. However, today a robe has become a symbol of status and style. 

Like pajamas, a bathrobe is something that everyone should have and wear to know the true comfort and warmth it offers to its wearer. But, if you are still questioning why you should have a bathrobe in your closet, then here are some reasons:

For Comfort

One of the uses of a bathrobe is that it offers immense comfort. It is no surprise that you immediately feel a sense of comfort when you wear a bathrobe. They are made to serve a special purpose, and their comforting quality is one of the main reasons that makes them truly special and why people buy them. When you put on your robe after you wake up or when you put them on after a bath, you feel the fabric enveloping you, unlike any other piece of garment. 

For Style

When you go out in the market, you will be presented with various types of robes, tons of options, from different designs to colors, materials to styles, and more. But when you wear a bathrobe, you get a classic and stylish look that is hard to get from any other garments. Slip one on, and you will instantaneously feel stylish even without any other clothes or fashion accessories to pair it with. One of the best things about wearing a robe is that you don't have to pair it with any other pieces of clothing as it is a complete clothing item in itself. 

For Warmth 

Another use of bathrobe is that they are designed to provide warmth. It is one of the main features that a bathrobe has. When you wear a bathrobe on top of your regular clothes or pajamas, it adds another layer of fabric to your body and keeps you warm. You can also pick the thickest robes in the market to wear in colder regions, and it will reduce your need to wear any other warm clothing entirely. 

Where Can You Wear Your Bathrobe?

There are many benefits that a bathrobe offers; however, with such various assortments and types of robes it becomes difficult to select one. And each of them come with their own advantages. Their advantages depend on the fabrics and garments used and the best part is that you can wear them at multiple places. These are just some of the ways you use and enjoy your bathrobe:

Wearing them after showers 

This is the main reason why people wear bathrobes; you can put on your robe just after getting out of shower and it will dry up your body of the excess water. This kind of bathrobe is worn straight out of the shower, and they are more absorbent than your regular towel.

Wearing them in the morning, night or for relaxation 

You must have seen this in the movies, actors wearing bathrobes in the morning and going on about their daily morning routine. Although the movies have popularized bathrobes, you can still enjoy yours like your favorite actors in the mornings. You can wear your bathrobe when you get out of bed, read the newspaper, drink coffee, and relax. You can even wear your robe at night or when you are at home relaxing. Many people find slipping in their robes to be an instant fix of the stresses and worries of their long day.

Wearing them in Spa and Hotels 

Your hotel and spa visits are incomplete without a bathrobe. Thanks to the movies again, beauty treatments, spa visits, and hotels have popularized bathrobes. These institutions offer a stylish way to stay covered up, relax, and enjoy your time. 

More About Bathrobes

If you are new to bathrobes you might not be aware of them, but there are various types of robes. They can be of different fabrics, garments, styles, patterns, lengths, and more. They come in the following types:

  • General Bathrobe – one of the types of robes used for wearing after a bath or shower
  • Kimono – a Japanese style bathrobe for women with simple, elegant, and feminine shape
  • Lingerie Robe – made from soft materials like silk and satin 
  • Spa Robe – a basic robe that can be worn around the home or spa for relaxation.

When it comes to the materials used for bathrobes, you can choose from the following – Cotton, Silk, Satin, Microfiber, Fleece, etc. 

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