Different Lingerie Styles For Women To Flatter Their Natural Curves

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Your life can be a constant struggle of running from home, college to office. Women hardly get any time for self-care these days and ultimately end up wearing the same outfits and the same old lingerie. In contrast, there are so many flattering options available for them. Women should try and experiment with the different lingerie styles and embrace their beauty. 

If you have bought lingerie for yourself or a special friend, you must know it is essential to check its fabric, size, and style. And finding perfect lingerie comes from experimenting with different lingerie styles.  

However, you might never know the ideal lingerie style for you. If you plan to buy different lingerie styles, this blog will brief you about some common options prevalent in the markets. 

Some Common Lingerie Styles

We have curated a list of lingerie for women that can surely provide them with a breezy and confident look:

  • The Basic Bra Lingerie
  • The Pretty Bralettes Lingerie
  • The Playful Garters Lingerie
  • The Comfy Robes Lingerie
  • The Attractive Thongs Lingerie
  • The Vintage Corsets Lingerie
  • The Cute Boyshorts Lingerie
  • The Supportive Sports Lingerie

Get to know about all the lingerie styles in detail. 

The Basic Bra Lingerie

Bras are the most general lingerie style. However, it is essential to note that a bra comes in various sizes, styles, and colors. Some of the common styles of bras are pushups, minimizers, underwire, sleeveless, convertible, and backless. There are no padded versions with lace, no lace, bow, printed, plain, bikinis, etc. The Bra is a quintessential weapon of a woman that helps enhance their natural beauty. Therefore, most women invest in bras more than other lingerie styles. 

The Pretty Bralette Lingerie

A bralette is a tight-fitted crop top with thin straps in numerous lingerie styles. It is a bra that does not offer any structural elements like padding and underwire. The purpose of bralette-styled lingerie is supreme comfort. It is extremely comfortable since it doesn't have any padding and underwire support. Another key feature of a bralette lingerie style is that it hugs your body like a crop top. You can style a bralette under a blazer or cardigan. Additionally, you can wear it and then layer it with jackets and scarves to create a celebrity look. 

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The Playful Garter Lingerie 

Garters are suspended belts that are worn on the waist and thighs. The purpose of a garter is to hold the stockings in place. While there are a lot of lingerie styles for women to bring out their sensuality, garters hold a special place. Garters give a bold sensuous look and encourage a woman to be more playful. If you are tired of wearing the same old boring lingerie, then a garter might be the best for you to experiment. Use a garter to channel your inner diva and spice your romantic life.  

The Comfy Robe Lingerie 

A robe is a unique style of lingerie known for its supreme comfort and convenience. It is not even a lingerie style but a clothing item you wear soon after bathing. Moreover, it is a misconception that only women wear robes. Men, too, wear robes. Another misconception is that only celebrities and ultra-rich people enjoy luxuries like a robe, which is not true. Robes are made for everyone. You can wear a robe for multiple purposes. You can style it and complete your pending tasks before getting ready for your office or any occasion. Whenever you are confused about what you should wear, tie a robe and take time to think freely. It is the ultimate comfort and necessity for everyone to make them feel warm and cozy.     

The Attractive Thong

A thong is an undergarment with more fabric in the front and less in the back. This ultimately benefits women to avoid awkward panty lines on the jeans and leggings. Moreover, it typically has more fabric than the G-string panties. Another essential feature of the thongs is instantly lifting your natural curves. Therefore, it is attractive lingerie that every woman should try. Trying different lingerie styles like a thong would help you to boost your confidence and be more active. 

The Vintage Corset Lingerie 

Using corsets to enhance women's curves dates back to the early 16th century. In those times, tightly fitted corsets were used to enhance and shape women's waists to appear thin. As a result, women's bodies looked like hourglass figures. Since then, it has accentuated curves and made women look slimmer than ever. With the advent of vintage classics, the representation of vintage clothes, and interiors in the movies, corsets have made a great comeback in contemporary times. 

Corset lingerie styles are appropriate if you want to lift and enhance your curves. If you are into vintage dresses and lingerie fashion, you must try corset lingerie costumes.  

The Cute Boyshorts 

Boyshorts are cute undergarments that are worn, usually under the dresses. As you can understand from the term, they are more like shorts that allow maximum coverage. One advantage of a boyshort is that it decreases panty lines on jeans and other pants. It is a modest option for girls and women who can't wear thongs and other playful lingerie styles. \

The Supportive Sports Lingerie

Sport-styled lingerie is designed to provide a supreme level of comfort to women. Athletes or women preferably wear these lingerie styles in sports and fashion. It helps them avoid awkward breast movements while doing physical activities. Not only that, they are a modest lingerie option but very fashionable indeed. Moreover, they are full coverage and have an extra supportive layer for the breasts. They maintain the shape of breasts by providing stability. A sports bra is your best friend if you are into fitness and sports. Pick an ideal sports lingerie to exercise comfortably and outshine in the fitness fashion trends. 

Different Lingerie Styles For Different Occasions 

While buying lingerie for yourself, keep in mind that there are different lingerie styles. You must have got a brief insight into that. Let's discuss it in detail. 

  • Sport-styled lingerie is worn when working out, playing a sport, or going out for a run. You can style them casually and layer them with jackets to create a chic and bougie look.
  • Boyshorts are worn under skirts and dresses. No matter if they are flowy and breezy. Wear boyshorts for maximum coverage. 
  • Wear vintage corsets to style a vintage historical look like a costume. Moreover, if you like to adopt the latest fashion trends, the runway is yours—style corsets with jeans, tight-fitted skirts, flowy skirts, or gowns to create different glamorous looks. 
  • Robes can also be worn as lingerie costumes and for personal convenience after showering or bathing. 
  • Thongs and garters are worn to be more playful and radiate sensuous vibes. Use them to spice up your love life or to be confident generally. 
  • Wear bras and bralettes daily for supreme comfort and support. Wear bralettes to mix and match with different clothing items and create different stunning looks. 

We hope you have clear insights into the different lingerie styles and when and how you can style them. 

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