Enjoy Shopping For Long Robes For Women With These Helpful Tips

Long robes for women are a great silhouette that women wear comfortably after a shower or a bath. Long robes keep you warm and comfy when the weather becomes cold. A long silky bathrobe is an excellent option because it is smooth, comfortable, and warm. 

This blog post will discuss the various characteristics to look for while shopping for long robes. We will also provide you with some good recommendations about the best long robes. 

Features Of Good Long Robes 

Don't buy long robes randomly. If you are investing in a self-care garment like long robes, check every detail and edge of the fabric. And therefore following are the things that you should take care of while buying a long silky robe. 

Excellent Material Quality  

Long robes can be cotton, fleece, silks, and satins. However, the ideal choice for women is always cotton and silk. If you are looking for elegant and luxurious long robes, silk should be on your shopping list. 

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Silky long robes are made from two kinds of materials: silks and satins. Silk and satin are almost the same, and they look the same- shiny, smooth, and flowy. Despite their appearance, they have one major difference. Satin is a weave of fibers like polyester and silk, whereas silk is natural. Be careful of the acetate fabric. It looks like silk but is usually more fragile and prone to damage than silk. Also, some manufacturers blend another fabric in silk to enhance its smoothness and touch on the skin. But, that's not a problem so it shouldn't be your concern. Polyester and some other fabrics help retain the quality of silk fabrics without damaging them. For instance, many expensive silk robes have cashmere linings to protect the original silk from damage and provide an extra smooth touch to the garment. 

Closure In The Long Robes

Most silk long robes have a belt or tie closure. Both options are good and comfortable because they allow you to adjust the robe according to your body's size and shape. You can adjust it according to your comfort level. 

However, some long robes also have buttons, velcro, and snaps, which are helpful if you wish to keep the robe closed. 

Weight Of The Robes 

Long robes come in different weights, so selecting one which is ideal can be good. Ideally, you should always opt for a lightweight, long robe that keeps you comfortable. Because the purpose of robes is to make yourself feel at home, even if you are traveling or staying at a friend's home. If your long robes are heavy, they will feel like a burden for nothing. 

The lightweight silk robes hug your body like a Kimono. A Kimono robe might be perfect for warmth and comfort whether you plan to wear these long robes indoors or to spa centers. However, you can buy a fleece robe for winter. It will provide more warmth and insulation when it’s too cold outside.

Moreover, long cotton robes for women are also good options. Cotton long robes are usually lightweight and ideal for summer. 

Another type of long robe is terry cloth long robes. In terms of their weight, Terry cloth robes may fall somewhere between fleece and cotton. Towels are usually made of this fabric. And depending on how big and long the robe or towel is, you can determine its weight. In conclusion, a silky robe is the ideal lightweight apparel ‌you can wear and carry around to enjoy a full self-care day. 

Finding The Perfect Size 

You can find the perfect long robe for your size at ease. Stop trying on different sizes. It is not rocket science. The essential thing is to know your size. You can easily find perfect long robes for you and your Bestie if you know it. 

Measure yourself from your shoulder blades to down your back and chest. Go one or two sizes bigger than the size you are. Long robes are meant to be loose to provide you with ultimate comfort. With a belt closure, you can resize it too. 

Flaunt The Style You Want 

Silk robes come in various styles and colors. You can buy any color you prefer, whether black, white, red, blue or neutrals. Also, there are various styles like lacy, hooded, waffle, V-necked, and Kimono robes ‌ you can go for. So flaunt the style you want and enjoy memorable self-care times. 

However, this blog post is about long robes, but you can apply the same tips and tricks while purchasing short robes. So if you are looking for a short robe, go for it. Otherwise, if you want to shop for a long silk robe, it should be knee-length. It shouldn't be too long, so it doesn't look like you are dragging it around. We have mops to clean the floor then; why should we make our long robes to do the job. A knee-length robe would be perfect while getting ready and preparing breakfast. 

Shopping Tips To Buy Perfect Long Robes 

We know you have perfect long robes to buy after reading the above section of the blog. Even so, you may face some difficulty in browsing. Also, these tips will help retain the quality of your silky long robes when you wear them. 

  • Consider all the tips while looking for your perfect long robes. Check the fabric, closure, size, and weight precisely. 
  • Shop from a reliable and genuine brand that is not about making money. 
  • Shop from a body-inclusive brand with all sizes and styles for curvy and thin women. 
  • After getting long robes, wash them with mild detergent soaps or fabric conditioners. Please do not leave them to dry in direct sunlight. 
  • Get an adjustable tie sash to enjoy a breezy and comfortable experience.
  • Fold them properly to store them or hang them in your wardrobes. 

Last but not least, do not hesitate to invest in your self-care. As a woman, you deserve to take care of yourself. So get long silk robes and enjoy relaxing massages and steam baths to get rid of the stress. 

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