Vintage Lingerie: Evolution That Led Modern To Elegant Loungewear

women in vintage lingerie

We all love vintage romcoms, especially the part when the girl is sitting in a vanity van in beautiful makeup and hairdo, and her love walks in. She slowly turns around in her vintage lingerie and reveals it to him. 

However, lingerie has been a part of women's lives for centuries, but it hasn't looked the same. Astonishingly, to this day, lingerie is the only silhouette that has seen so much evolution in the fashion industry. Also, it is the only garment that has gone through so many changes over time. Yet, they remain elegant, gladly and gradually, just like every fashion statement vintage lingerie is coming back. 

For some women, vintage style lingerie holds a special place in their hearts, and if they make an instant comeback, women will line up in markets to buy them. Also, they hold great significance in the history of women's clothing. Metaphorically, vintage lingerie is a moon that has gone through several beautiful transitioning phases. Let's read how vintage lingerie has changed over time and how we can accessorize these beautiful costumes in contemporary times. 

Let's Go Back In The 18 Century 

The corsets date back to the early 16th century, and their influence is still around among celebs and Instagram models. Corsets were tight vintage lingerie that made the waist appear thin and gave the body an hourglass appearance. During the 16th century, there were only white corsets, but color inclusion started in the late 1Corsets were tight vintage lingerie that made the waist appear thin and gave the body an hourglass appearance. 880s. In late 1900, corsets took a different turn with lacy bloomers and connected shorts. In corsets, women laced each other so tightly that it was almost hard to breathe and suffocated abdominal organs, which resulted in poor digestion. Consequently, long-term tight lacing deformed women's rib cages and led to muscle atrophy. 

Arrival Of Long Line Corsets In The 1900s 

The exaggerated and hard-to-breathe corsets were still there in the 19th century. But, during this time, women welcomed longline corsets. These corsets were structured and extended way beneath the hips. Moreover, vintage plus size lingerie was all similar to these. 

The 1920s: Women Breathe In The Half Slips 

Elegant half slips or two-piece sets were popular during the 1920s. Half slips included longline bralettes and matching shorts or skirts. Also, we can see the use of stockings and long knee-length skirts in this era. 

The 1930s: Corsets Got Decorated With Lace 

Corsets came back with a bang, accessorized in laces. Women were also seen wearing girdles and stockings. Simultaneously, matching robes, chemises, and camisoles entered the women's fashion. During this time, women's lingerie was free of pain and lacked elements that shaped women's bodies. Corsets become a bit easy and elegant to wear. 

Experimentation With Loungewear In The 1940s-60s

In the late 1930s, women designers started to experiment with loungewear. They wore different robes, nightgowns, and bras. For instance, in the late 1940s, women were seen wearing strapless bras that took some time to evolve to become stick-on bras. Stick-on bras were specially designed for women to get evenly tanned without struggling with swimsuits. 

Moreover, during this decade, women wore lacy petticoats underneath skirts and midi dresses. 

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In the 1950s, sexy sleepwear became prevalent. Women wore sheer nighties over high-waisted underwear and matching bras. The sheer nightgown used to have a scoop neckline featuring ruffles and pleats. 

Furthermore, in the 1960s, we can see a revival of ruffles in vintage lingerie. Designers sewed ruffles side to side in every bralette and bottom. 

Arrival Of Chemises, Bodysuits, And Bold Patterns 

Fancy chemises, spaghetti, and sheer pleated skirts came into the trend. Also, in the 1070s, Bohemian culture dominated the fashion industry reflected in the vintage sexy lingerie. As a result, it gave women freedom and a carefree spirit. 

However, if you have seen movies of the 1970s, you must have also seen the use of loud patterns like polka dots, paisleys, and plaids. Additionally, floral prints and embroidery were in demand, giving tough competition to frills and ruffles. 

Beginning Of Lace Work Inclusion

The inclusion of lace in the clothing industry was incredibly reflected in the lingerie of that era. People gave massive importance to the precise detailing of the cleavage. 

The 1980s: Metallic Silhouettes And Cone Bras 

The 1980s begin with hippie vibes with vibrant colors and metallic fabrics. Fascinating metallic-styled bras and panties were seen in this era. In addition to this, you can also see celebs and performers wearing cones or bulleted bras. Cone bras weren't new at that point. They began in the 1940s and 50s, but some artists impacted their demand in the 1980s. 

The 1990s Experimentation With Mismatched Prints 

Nineties people were indeed experimental and unique. They experimented with mismatched colors and prints. They brought cheetah, leopard, and tiger pints into a trend interestingly, still admired by fashionistas. 

Contrastingly, a minimalism trend started with simple spaghetti straps, tank tops, and pastels manifested in lingerie.  

The 2000s: Time For Rhinestone Detailing

With the arrival of the new millennium, a new flashy trend also steps in. The 2000s included rhinestone detailing on the bra straps and waistbands. 

However, this was also the time when head-to-toe matching get-ups were seen. You can visualize wearing women in vintage lingerie a white or baby pink bra, stockings, skirt, and accessories. 

Loungewear In Current Times  

Time traveling is done, and you can come back to modern times. Women are glad to be in an era where they have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of underwear and bras. 2022 is a perfect amalgamation of 2010s pushup bras, 2014s high-waisted matching loungewear, and 1015s lingeries as silhouettes. Also, we can enjoy wearing late 1800s corsets, 2017s style of extra strappy bras, and 2018s fancy logo printing on the straps and bands. 

Today, women have wide options from camisoles, corsets, bralettes, and stick-on bras. We have wide choices of underwear: high waist, boyshorts, thongs, lace no lace, prints, or whatnot. 

Final Thoughts: Relevance Of Vintage Lingerie Today  

We have seen the evolution of vintage lingerie, and now we are in 2022. Although, vintage lingerie is still adored and worn as costumes by celebs, actors, and models. Moreover, fashionistas enjoy styling elegant and breathable corsets and other vintage lingerie infusions with modern silhouettes. But, women understand how clothes were used as a tool to subjugate women. Hence they are stepping up to fight ill-fashion choices like tormenting corsets and making women follow unhealthy and unattainable beauty standards. Women are learning to embrace their bodies and be confident in their skin. Also, we enjoy complete freedom to choose our loungewear. Today we can wear lingerie the way we want, and we can choose colors and styles and experiment with bold and playful lingerie like thongs, garters, bralettes, etc.

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